In knife painting, you will have to use a knife that has a flexible steel blade, mostly these are blunt knives but are considered the best for artistic designs while painting. These types of knives’ jobs are not cutting but painting as these knives are not sharp. In this type of knife that is used for painting, in the shape of the steel portion is settled between the handle and knife blade. This area is designed to help the artist to keep his hand off the painting surface, the space designed in this type of knife also helps an artist to draw paints easily.


For different kinds of surfaces that you want to paint with the help of the painting knife, you will get numerous types of sizes and styles in this category. Some are available with wood handles and some are available with rubber handles. Different kinds of blades are designed for the flexibility of the artist and the knife painting. In most of the cases, the most suitable and most used type of the knife is trowel shaped knife. For use with mortar, gels, and pastes, trowel shaped knife is considered the best for knife painting.

For designing within the paint and objects, other various kinds of triangular shapes of knives are also used. In this type of painting and other paintings, the only difference is that instead of brushes, various kinds of knives are used. For producing rich texture, whether, on a wall on canvas, knife painting is the best that will help you to design the best textures. The difference between a painting knife and a palette knife is that the palette knife is quite straighter than a painting knife. Other than that, both of these are often used interchangeably.

The palette knife is mostly used for mixing the paint on the palette and for scrapping the paint from the palette as well. This kind of knife is not suitably used for painting on a big canvas or on big walls and these also do not have a deep crank like painting knife. That is why it does not provide any support to the painter to paint easily.